TikTok dog star Nato the Rottweiler comforts stranger in heartwarming viral video

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As if you needed further proof that dogs really do bring joy into the word, meet TikTok dog legend Nato the Rottweiler who proves large breeds can be every bit as sweet as the next canine.

Known in today’s vernacular as a TikTok sensation, an accolade he has earned by generally being utterly brilliant and wholesome, Nato shows just how kind and lovable Rottweilers can be. 

In a recent video posted to the popular social media platform, this gentle giant can be seen approaching a man in the park, having first been given permission to do so by his owner, Dan McPierson. As it turned out, there was a sad story behind this encounter.

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They looked at each other so long and smiled so I asked...

♬ originalljud - Nato McPierson

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