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Clever cat tricks dog into crate and proves

    (Image credit: Getty Images)Watching as this clever cat tricks dog into crate is going to get your weekend off to a hilarious start and we’…

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Do dog treats expire? How long to keep dog t

    (Image credit: Getty Images)If you’re wondering if dog treats expire, or whether dog treats can go bad, you’re in luck as we’ll be explor…

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Why do dogs lick toys?

    (Image credit: Getty Images)While you may be looking for answers to the question of ‘why do dogs lick toys?’, we have a feeling you’re pr…

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Dog rescued from a cave is reunited with own

    (Image credit: Harrison County Animal Control / Facebook)An extraordinary dog rescued from a cave in Indiana's Dewey Hickman Nature Pre…

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10 inventive dog toy storage ideas

    (Image credit: Getty Images)Having a few dog toy storage ideas up your sleeve is a great plan for those moments when you feel like your home…

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