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Rescuing and adopting chinchillas

    Chinchillas (affectionately known in Chinchilla circles by their nickname “Chin” or “Chins”) look like a cross betwe…

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Homeless Chinchillas

    You might know that chinchillas are rabbit-like animals with small bodies and soft fur. What you might not know, however, is that chinchilla…

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Two Chinchillas, One Shoe!

    You’ll never see a pair of slippers in the same way again! For your daily sweetness, please check out this adorable video and watch t…

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How to Care for a Pet Chinchilla

    JustAsLive / Getty ImagesIn This ArticleBehavior and TemperamentHousingFood and WaterDust BathsBest ToysCommon Health ProblemsPurchasing You…

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Chinchilla Care Guide

    undefined undefined / Getty ImagesChinchillas can make wonderful pets for the right person, but before deciding on a pet chinchilla, familia…

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Signs of Common Chinchilla Ailments

    Common Chinchilla Health Ailmentsbenjamingross83Whitney has extensive domestic animal husbandry experience and has cared for three chinchill…

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