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100 Names for Pet Guinea Pigs

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Guinea pigs are popular pets that are cuddly, adorable, and surprisingly loud. There are several breeds, color combinations, and hair length types. If you're having trouble coming up with a name for your pet, take a look at 100 options based on your pet's appearance, the breed's behavior, or their unique personality. Or, if you want a more humorous name for your pet, take a look at some puns related to pigs, such a Harry Porker or Hambone.

Keeping and Caring for Guinea Pigs as Pets Top Guinea Pig Names BaconChomperFluffyGoliathHamletInkyPatchesPigletPepsiPopcornScamperScooterSqueak or SqueakerTwitterZipper Tips for Naming Your Guinea Pig

Most guinea pigs live about 4 to 8 years. When you name a guinea pig, think about that name lasting over that time. For example, if your child likes the name Pua from the movie "Moana" now, will they still like it 8 years from now? Other tips include linking your pet's quirks or outer appearance with its name. Make sure you name your pet something you are comfortable sharing with friends, family, and your veterinarian's office.

Find the Perfect Name for Your Hamster1:24Adorable Facts Plus Perfect Names for Your Pet Guinea Pig Girl Guinea Pig Names

Guinea pigs come in many color combinations. Many of the following feminine names are related to a hue that could describe your pet.

ApricotBlancaBlondieBrandyBrownieCoconut or CocoCoralCottonballCreampuffGingerGoldieHoneyLunaMochaPearlPennyRubySherrySnowflakeSugar Boy Guinea Pig Names

Review the following masculine-sounding names that refer to standard guinea pig colors. Most of these selections are also gender-neutral.

ButterfingerCharcoalCognacCoppertopEbonyFudgieInkyIvoryJetMidnightPepsiPopcornRavenRedRustyShadowSmokeySmudgeVanilla IceWhiskey Pig-Related Names

Technically, guinea pigs are entirely unrelated to swine (and they're not from Guinea, either). Take a look at how you can have a lot of fun by giving your little friend a pig-oriented name.

BabeBaconBacon BitChomperHogwashMiss PiggyMr. PigNapoleanNibblesOinkerPeppaPiggyPiggy SuePigletPork ChopPorkyPuaPumbaaSpamWilbur Unique Guinea Pig Names

Unlike most rodents, guinea pigs are noisy little creatures. Their squeak, which sounds more like a "wheek" sound, indicates hunger or anxiety; meanwhile, their purring can indicate a relaxed state. Guinea pigs' movements like scampering, zipping, and hopping are unique to this species. Get some ideas from this list.

CurlyFluffyFriskyFurballHop or HopperPatchesRumbleScamperScooterScurryShaggySilkieSqueak or SqueakerTootsTweetyTwitterWheekWhistlerWhizzerZipper Funny Guinea Pig Names

Get clever with your naming ideas by playing on your guinea pig's appearance, their pint-size, or witty puns related to pigs. Take a look at this list for a few ideas.

ChicharronesChorizoDominoFuzz McFuzzFuzzbucketFuzzmeisterGinny PigGodzillaGoliathHalf & HalfHamboneHamletHammertimeHarry PorkerHogsmeadeHogwartsJack HammerPancettaPig PenThe Hulk A to Z Guinea Pig Names


ApricotBabeBaconBacon BitBlancaBlondieBrandyBrownieButterfinger




EbonyFluffyFriskyFudgieFurballFuzz McFuzzFuzzbucketFuzzmeisterGingerGinny PigGodzillaGoldieGoliath


Half & HalfHamboneHamletHammertimeHarry PorkerHogsmeadeHogwartsHogwashHoneyHop or HopperInkyIvoryJack HammerJetLunaMidnightMiss PiggyMochaMr. Pig


NapoleanNibblesOinkerPancettaPatchesPearlPennyPeppaPepsiPig PenPiggyPiggy SuePigletPocornPork ChopPorkyPuaPumbaa


RavenRedRubyRumbleRustyScamperScooterScurryShadowSherrySilkieSmokeySmudgeSnowflakeSpamSqueak or SqueakerSugar


The HulkTootsTweetyTwitterVanilla IceWheekWhiskeyWhistlerWhizzerWilburZipper

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