Hilarious puppy thrown out of daycare for lying on dogs

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It’s common for dogs to get excitable, but this adorable husky seemed to have taken it to another level! In fact, this overexcited pup’s penchant for jumping on the backs of other dogs has led to the puppy being thrown out of daycare. 

This hilarious video montage posted by TikTok user, Stephmalak, has gone viral, leaving the internet in stitches. The video first begins with a close-up of the adorable, innocent puppy, and captioned with: “when you get kicked out of daycare for laying on the other dogs.” 

This is quickly followed by humorous snaps of the puppy clambering or lying on the backs of numerous dogs. Some of them looking rather unimpressed! Not only are these snaps hilarious but has captured the hearts of many. 

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it’s called ✨dominance ✨ ##husky ##fyp

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